History and values

Who is a Now?

My name is Nidaa, I am the founder of Néda, a Frenchwoman of Iranian and Chadian origin. 

Néda is my first name in Farsi (Persian) and this is how my family of Iran calls me. There the carpets are omnipresent and are part of the culture of each family. So I have always been used to seeing carpets all over the house. My great grandmother, of Ispahan, also made it. Hence the fact that I have always been a great enthusiast of this great cozy object. 

More generally, craftsmanship has always been part of my inheritance by my family history (my grandfather in Iran, was antique and made leather objects). ``

The objectives of Néda

Promote ancestral know-how

Growing up and making my own trips, I fell in love with Moroccan craftsmanship, so steeped in history and beauty. From there, I said to myself: why not share my selections of decorative objects made-hand in this wonderful country but also elsewhere? 

The goal is to introduce the ancestral cultural inheritances so that we can bring our (even small) share to their sustainability. For this, my challenge is to make sure to make the beautiful, the qualitative and the unique accessible while respecting the value of the work of the craftsmen who are the guarantors and the actors of these cultural heritage. 

Consume better: unique and eco-responsible parts

Néda is also a desire to market unique but above all eco-responsible parts. I like quality objects composed of noble materials that can be transmitted from generation to generation. This is all the more beautiful in an era when overconsumption is queen. In addition, I put a point of honor that the environmental impact of all our products is as minimal as possible. Indeed, I favor unit productions from natural raw materials present locally.